Saturday, November 20, 2004

Indiana vs. Detroit & the fans: What a fight!

For those basketball fans out there... check out the latest game ( between detriot and indiana. It was a nice game to watch... pacers played better and deserved to win. But with a few seconds left in the game, things got heated up, and Ben wallace over-reacted to a ron artest (who else?) foul by pushing him in the face. Artest walked away silently. Moments later - artest lying down - a beer came flying at him from the stands hitting him.

Next thing, artest charged into the crowd. Funny thing was, even with players from both sides restraining their team mates, the crowd would not let up... people coming from the back and continued to fight the pacer players... scene got so ugly the game was called off. It was a big fight... interesting to watch, but you feel bad for the players and the league involved. There were old people getting hurt, children getting scared (metal chairs were seen flying)... alcohol probably had something to do with the fan's behavior too... see more of it in the news.

The question I like to ask is: "what kinds of penalty/compensation is going to be mett out?"

I personally think that the players should not have to pay fines for this particular fighting incident. I am not for fighting (esp. brawls), unless you are protecting yourself or loved ones. In this particular case, some fans ran right onto the basketball court and glared fiercely at Artest. What you expect Artest to do after getting punched by several detriot fans? Of course he hit them... Besides Artest, Jermaine O'neal also landed several heavy punches on the fans. One guy was totally floored by O'neal...

Implication? Some big time law suits for these 'lucky' fans who got punched by rich NBA stars. If the court does rule in favor of the scenario i painted above... it will only invite same repercussions should brawls of this magnitude ever occur again. Won't the enterprizing sod think... "lets run down to courtside and stare at him (provoked player) in the face... have him throw the first punch and we'll be rich! Easy... money!!"

Perhaps I am biased. But hell, if I were in those situations, I would want my teammates to fight by my side. I sure as hell would jump to their defence...



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