Friday, November 12, 2004

Face Off (part 2): Pizza night

Always interesting to meet the people face-to-face after interacting them for a while in an online environment. Tonight was the second meeting of the Inst 7150 group. Surprised that some people showed up despite my email warning that I will be there… perhaps they did not know? I would have posted the group pictures online, but remembered that not everyone liked to have their faces taken by me. Close call!

Found out some interesting things during the 2 hour session, namely:

  • Did not realize how tough it was for ‘Joe' (real name protected in case the LambdaMOO people find him and wishes to torture him again) trying out the LambdaMOO environment. Man, was he screwed big time... Joe was mocked for his education, typing ability, etc. The attacks were ruthless. As one guy described him, ‘he had the word “newbie” tattooed on his forehead.' It was strange for me, as I felt bad for him, even worse that I found his mishap funny, but at the same time I identified at some level with him, being a newbie at LambdaMOO myself.

  • Did not realize that people were linking to the AECT copyright committee site already within days of publications. That was a pleasant surprise. Example, having distance education guru Nathan list our AECT copyright committee blog on his blogroll was nice!

  • Did not know that some classmates were actually reading my ‘blog-a-bing' . I thought that I was writing to a readership of one, namely Dave . But this dude is paid to read my blogs… so I don't feel so bad subjecting him to my (at times garbage) posts. Having people who are not compelled to, come up to me and say, ‘ go read his (mine) blog… its ok. ' was priceless.

The most important thing I took away from tonight was that how a feeling of ‘no comments' can dampen even the strongest of blogging spirits (hang in there, mark ). So, next time you read someone's blog, leave a damn comment ! A bunch of us agreed that even a ‘Joe has read this post.' or ‘Joe thinks this is a shitty post.' is worth something. Simply because it tells us that we have at least a readership of one. So guys, lets practice what we preach. Hey, but if the person finds your comment invaluable or ‘ugly' and sends you a mail saying ‘leave me alone!', then be nice and stop it. If you can identify with the following scenario below, I think you are in good company.

Reading & referencing Research articles ==== [5 hours]

Reading & referencing others' blogs ======= [4 hours]

Writing own ideas for blog posting ======== [2 hours]

Editing and checking spelling errors ======== [1 hour]

Actual posting on blog =============== [.25 hours]

Seeing ‘no comments' every week ======== [Priceless]

There are some things worth wasting time on, for everything else, there's Wiley's class .

(Just kidding Dave, but you know me.)




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