Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Pig out'' at Roosters, Ogden

We had a nice dinner. Dave Wiley generously paid the bill. Thank you.

Recap of some ideas shared during ‘pig out' night:

“How the heck are we going to remember what we post a month, a week from today? Suppose you post something about jib jab ( ) & copyright. Would you remember it under a category called ‘copyright', or would you remember it as ‘oh, that post I did on sept 2007...”

Shared idea 1: RSS friend or foe?

John Delin & Dave (see comments) had this to say about blogs without RSS feeds ( ).

"...Couldn't agree more about blogs without RSS feeds. How the heck are we supposed to follow them?? Hit reload everyday? I don't think so. "

Sorry Dave & John, I don't totally agree. See my post on RSS at and the problems associated with your savior ... RSS.

Shared idea 2 : Give me god damn categories!

Another response to that earlier post & comment of John & Dave was that without proper categories*, how useful can your post be a week, a month, or a year down the road? How are we supposed to follow them? Read every archived month/year? I don't think so...

*( still does not support it. If you want to spend the time to find out how, check . I have not tested this hack, but you are lucky to even have this. When I was testing it, the hacks were way worse )

At least the serious bloggers out there are using movabletype, wordpress, etc. that is robust enough to capture and catalogue the content properly, and most importantly easily. But people who post using (like myself), I don't see any long term value in posting. Things that are not reusable, including capturing great insights and ideas on blogs like yours, is just dead weight in the internet.

In a nutshell: There is already too much information on the internet. If its not reusable/retrievable, it should not be there.

So, now I offer to the class (and anyone out there on the internet reading this) again, free admin rights to where categories is available and dead simple to use. Its idiot proof. Only drawback is that Howard & the rest of the motime gang does not have the support of rich boys like Google. But they are dedicated. Effort and unwillingness to give up is reason enough for me to support them. In time, they can only get better.

Wiley's blog made from plone is way prettier. But for sake of ownership and assessment purposes, he can't release the development of the blog to students. If we can't play with it, we can't learn as much. The blog site I originally created was just an empty page. There are tons more features you can add. But following Wiley's painful experience of slashlearn , you should only add as many features as needed and desired by the target users.

I added things like a search function, Syndication, etc. You can add anything else. I release all control. Or if you want to group blog just for the simple reason to be able to capture your cool ideas (its yours if you post with your own motime userid), and have others comment and share insights, all you have to do is email me at and I will set you up.

In addition, I already have a site that runs on wordpress. Its also called ‘understanding online interaction' ( ). Although registration is open to all, I will give admin rights if you want to play with it. It's the same blogging platform that mark is using at . I hope to have it up before AECT@chicago ( ). So, I suggest users who want to group blog post at the motime blog for warm up, and when you get really serious, the same offer stands for wordpress.



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