Thursday, October 14, 2004

Inst7150 class Blog impressions so far: Marion Jensen's chicken armpits

Once in a while, I get into a mood that allows me to sit through and really read through a number of blogs and play ‘catch up' with the past entries that I failed to read. So even with RSS, I still do not read all our class bloggers posts. No offence to the other class bloggers, I simply have too many in my RSS reader already.

It does not give you a good picture if you don't follow all of the blogger's post. So, I like to share with everyone, the more interesting blogs from our inst 7150 class that I try my best to follow. I will spotlight these class blogger once every few days, i.e. read all his/her earlier post and comment if applicable. Hopefully this gives you a better picture of the blogger. If I missed yours by end of the semester, there has to be a real good reason why I omitted yours. Then again, sometimes there is no reason.

I like to start with Marion Jensen's blog. The catchy name was an incentive. Tip: get a catchy URL.

Highlight posting: In Marion Jensen's blog entry ( ) “… I simply need more time.” highlighted how 5 hours is simply not enough to gain a broad understanding to post something of merit (I hear you matey!), especially those balancing school, family, work, and other activities. Steph en Downes ( ) is an oddity (I mean it in a nice way) because he lives and dies by his blog. He is defined by his blog.

Even with technologies like RSS which brings news to me at my finger tips; it does not solve the problem of successfully joining community of bloggers under the constraints of a struggling PhD student working his way through his tuition. Thanks Marion for raising this concern.

Misc. posting:

On useful blogging technologies

A ‘recent comments' feature would really be useful. How many people are like me, who take a longer time to learn (I'm not smart, is that a crime?), and occasionally play ‘catch up', and still like to comment, but on posts that were done a week, or a month ago? This problem also goes both ways. If I can't read what comments appear in my blog (older posts), then why should I bother to post on other people's older blog posting if they too will never read it?

Blogging cannot be just for the super initiated bloggers. Blogging is supposed to be fun, easy and convenient. Wouldn't a ‘recent comments' function be useful? The motime blog I subscribe to is working on it, and I hope they pull it off. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know via email. If you post a comment to this post, I won't read it, because I am not accustomed to receiving comments, and don't bother to check anymore. See the problem?




At October 19, 2004 at 8:11 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Well Bing, I've not met you before but I am really glad (again) that you updated your RSS. I have to admit, I have been wondering about the whole blogging culture. It's neat and all to be able to post thoughts on your own blog, but it's really no fun if no one ever comments. I mean, what's the point. So I've decided what I really need to do is go visit with the neighbors at their blogs.

I was talking to a colleague the other day. I showed her my blog. We talked about how cool the idea is. Then she said, but I don't have time for that. Really, if this wasn't for your class would you do it? I don't know. Dave Wiley explained blogging to me in a class once before. I signed up, but never used. Maybe I just didn't understand the concept. It seems to me like if you want to make blogging work you have to be willing to visit other people. Commenting on other people's blogs seems like an invitation for them to visit yours.

Thanks for your clear thinking. Bye the bye I really like the In a Nut Shell idea.



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