Friday, October 22, 2004

IDEAS on sharing insights gathered at AECT@Chicago 2004

As I sat in Martindale's session with Dave Wiley on blogs, I talked to Preston parker and came up with an idea of collaboration and joint ‘make use' of resources when we send students for conferences.

If we use just a blog for AECT@chicago or any other conference for that matter, it is instant news. The advantage is on the fly information updated to your Weblog. And if you are lucky, there might even be comments in your posts. The disadvantage is that readers might have to go through everything before they get the full picture.

What people want is a one page quick reference or manual on that selected topic.

Suggestion: a permanent wiki hosted by Dave, where students who attended the AECT @ Chicago conference are able to input sessions they attended. The advantage is that if you have 2 or more people attending different sessions, they are able to share the sessions they are interested, but otherwise unable to share. So the more, the merrier… Even if 2 people attended the same session, the wiki allows users to edit content they agree or disagree.

This wiki can also be scalable. One wiki titled ‘conferences'. And under that it could have ‘AECT@chicago 2004' or ‘AECT@anaheim 2003'. Or AERA ‘blah … blah…'

Would it not be cool to see the insights gathered from the USU student attendees at conferences? If you see obstacles and objections against such collaboration I am unaware of, please share your comments.

In a nutshell : it allows people (who want to share) to share insights.

Disclaimer: if you think that this is making use of people/intellectual capital of the group, it is not for you.



actual event date: 22 October 2004


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