Sunday, October 10, 2004

Blogs (tech issues)

Actual Event Date: 13 Sept 2004 (Mon)

This post is to help share knowledge on how to do the following blog features on systems that by default do not have them. Each week, I will address one of the following questions, and give leads on how best to tackle each of them:

  1. importance of RSS feeds

  2. importance of categories

  3. importance of search function

  4. importance of permalinks

  5. importance of a ‘newest comments' feature

  6. importance of a ‘recent posts' feature

  7. etc. (to be determined)

The list is not exhaustive, and will continually evolve to meet today's blogging needs.

1. Adding RSS Feed

Problem: This article on ‘RSS traffic burdens publishers servers ' explains why RSS isn't so hot despite its usefulness. I picked this motime blogging service instead of blogger because it loads way faster, and codes cleaner. So, the tradeoff is less stability & power, but usability and speed is more important to me now. Still Not convinced? Read ‘ Full text RSS on MSDN gets turned off '.

But for anyone who wants to subscribe to my blog, they can either click on the cute XML icon, or add the following URL: into their RSS reader.

Solution: How did I do this? I went to's RSS generator ( link ) and made my page an RSS feed in 2 clicks. Literally.



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